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Read and print a
Lifeline Assistance Fact Sheet
(PDF file)
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Frequently Asked Lifeline Questions

Q. Can Union Springs accept a copy of my paycheck as proof of my income eligibility for Lifeline Assistance?
A.  The FCC rules require copies of your paycheck stubs for 3 consecutive months as proof of your income-based eligibility for Lifeline Assistance.  A copy of your paycheck is not acceptable.

Q.  If I babysit or am self-employed, what is acceptable proof of my income?
A.  You may provide a copy of your most recent income tax return as proof of your income.

Q. How can I get a copy of my Social Security Statement of Benefits, as acceptable proof of my income?
A.   The Social Security Statement of Benefits is mailed to all recipients annually.  You may obtain another copy from your local Social Security office.  You should be aware that Supplemental Social Security (“SSI”) is not the same as Social Security – SSI is a federal income supplement program for blind and disabled people with little or no income and is not funded by Social Security taxes.   

Q.  Can I qualify for Lifeline Assistance based on my age?
A.  Lifeline Assistance is not awarded based on age. To qualify, you must meet the income guidelines or participate in one of the qualifying low-income assistance programs.

Q.  Do I qualify for Lifeline Assistance if I receive Medicare?
A.  No.  Medicare is not one of the qualifying programs for Lifeline Assistance.

Q.  I have recently moved to the area and need telephone service, but I only have a temporary address.  Can I apply for Lifeline Assistance?
A.  You must provide a permanent residential address and a billing address, if different from the residential address, before you can receive Lifeline Assistance.  If you do not have a permanent address (e.g., an address not recognized by the Post Office or a temporary living situation), you must provide a temporary residential service address or other address identifying information.  Union Springs Telephone Company is required to verify your temporary address every 90 days, until you obtain a permanent address.  If you do not respond to Union Springs’ address verification attempts within 30 days, you may be de-enrolled from Lifeline service.

Read and print a
Lifeline Assistance Fact Sheet
(PDF file)
man on phone

Q.  Can I use a Post Office Box for my address?
A.  Union Springs can accept a P.O. Box or General Delivery address as your billing address, but not as a residential address. 

Q.  What must I do if my address changes?
A.  If you move to a new address, you must provide your new address to Union Springs Telephone Company within 30 days after relocating.   

Q.  Am I required to notify you of any changes in my income or participation in one of the low-income assistance programs?
A.  You must notify Union Springs Telephone Company within 30 days if you or the qualifying person in your household no longer participates in the government assistance program(s) that qualify you for Lifeline Assistance; if your qualifying annual household income exceeds 135% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines; or if you no longer qualify to receive Lifeline Assistance for any other reason.  You will then stop receiving Lifeline benefits. 

Q.  Do I need to provide a deposit when I apply for Lifeline Assistance?
A. Customers who do not subscribe to Toll Limitation Service at the time of signing up for Lifeline Assistance may be required to provide a service deposit, consistent with the terms of Union Springs Telephone Company’s General Subscriber Services Tariff.  Union Springs offers free Toll Limitation Service to Lifeline customers for any local service plan that charges a fee for toll calls that is in addition to the monthly price of your Lifeline service.

Q.  When will the Lifeline discount be included on my telephone bill?
A.  The discount will be applied to your account within two billing cycles and will be retroactive back to your approval date.

Q.  Why isn’t the Lifeline discount still appearing on my bill?
A.  The FCC now requires Union Springs Telephone Company to verify its Lifeline customers’ continuing eligibility for Lifeline Assistance every year.  If you did not complete and return the Lifeline Rate Assistance Verification form sent to you by Union Springs within 30 days, as required, your Lifeline Assistance was terminated.  You must re-apply for Lifeline Assistance in order to receive the discount.

Q.  Who can I call if I have questions about Lifeline Assistance?

  • You may call Union Springs’ customer service representatives at 334-738-4400 between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. 
  • You may also contact the Alabama Public Service Commission at 1-800-882-3919 or visit the following websites: www.psc.state.al.us or www.usac.org.




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