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Calling Features

We offer a wide array of additional features to add to your telephone service.

If you are interested in adding features, call us at 738-4400 for additional details and bundling specials such as

  • 2 Features $3.95/Mo.
  • 3 Features $5.50/Mo.
  • 4 Features $6.60/Mo.

Below you can read the description and cost of each feature:


CALLER ID with NAME DELIVERY – Lets you identify everyone (Phone Number & Name) who calls you (except callers using privacy features). This feature alerts you to the source of annoying or harassing calls and keeps your calls in order by the time they came in.  Phone must be equipped with Caller ID feature or separate caller ID box.  Price $7.50/Mo.

CALLER ID – Lets you identify the Phone Number of who calls you (except callers using privacy features). This feature alerts you to the source of annoying or harassing calls and keeps your calls in order by the time they came in.  Phone must be equipped with Caller ID feature or separate caller ID box. Price $6.00/Mo.

CALL FORWARDING - Don’t miss those important calls!  Forward incoming calls to another number where you can be reached, or where someone can answer for you.  You can even transfer your calls to a long distance number. Change the number where you’re forwarding your calls as often as you like, so your calls can follow you just about everywhere. This feature increases Home Security - your phone never has to go unanswered again. * Price $2.45/Mo.

CALL WAITING with Name Delivery - When you are on the phone, Phone Number & Name display will appear after the tone alerting you another call is incoming. With this feature you can choose to accept or ignore the incoming call (except callers using privacy features).  Phone must be equipped with Caller ID feature or separate caller ID box.   Price $5.00/Mo.

CALL WAITING - When you are on the phone, a tone signals that another call is on the line.  While you are on the line, you can put the current caller on hold while taking the incoming call, you are able to alternate between your two calls.  Call Waiting is like having two phone lines in one, this feature enhances your ability to communicate, it is convenient and saves time.  * Price $2.45/Mo.

THREE-WAY CALLING - This convenient and efficient feature allows you to make conference calls anytime you like.  Avoid the hassles of conference call services for three - way conversations.  One low monthly rate – no matter how often you use the service. * Price $2.45/Mo.

SPEED CALLING 8 - Program up to eight complete numbers on your phone line. A short numeric 2-digit code stored on any phone in your home saves you time by not needing to dial the complete number. Speed Calling 8 is very convenient and fast for those numbers dialed most frequently.  Saves you time often caused by dialing incorrectly.  * Price $2.45/Mo. 

SPEED CALL 30 - Same as Speed Calling 8, but gives you up to 30 separate numeric codes. Price $3.30/Mo.

AUTO RECALL – A simple dial code allows you to determine the last number that just called you and calls them back.  This efficient calling feature allows you to redial a call that was just missed, by dialing *69, then 1.  $4.00/Mo.

ANONYMOUS CALL REJECTION - This feature forces callers who block their numbers to unblock them before calling you.  Anonymous Call Rejection identifies these callers and routes them to a recorded message instructing them to hang up, remove their blocking and call again.   Don’t waste time answering calls from persons who commonly block their calling. Avoid answering calls if you are not sure who’s calling. Simple instructions allow you to enter the numbers you want block.  Take the control of your telephone away from callers and put it in your control.  Price $1.00/Mo.

SELECTIVE CALL REJECTION - Avoid the disruption of annoying or unwanted telephones, and send these calls to a pre-recorded message. Simple step-by-step control, blocked numbers will not ring your number. Price $5.00/Mo.

TEEN RING - Have one main number and one additional number on the same line, each number has its own distinctive ringing pattern. Teen Ring provides a second phone number for your kids with its own distinctive ring and a separate listing in the Directory.   Parents can always tell when the phone is ringing for their children, which will save you valuable time.  Your kids will love having their own listing in the directory.  Teen Ring costs less than a second phone line. Price $3.95/Mo.

SELECTIVE CALL ACCEPTANCE - Allows you to receive calls only from the numbers on your simple step-by-step Selective Call Acceptance List.  Incoming calls from other numbers not on your list will hear a recording stating called party does not wish to receive the call, and will not ring your number.  Price $5.00/Mo.

WAKE UP SERVICE – Allows you have your phone ring at a predetermined time of day, you don’t have to set a clock to wake you up.  Depend on the phone. Price $3.00/Mo.

1-800#’s ONLY – Allows you to dial 1-800, 1-866, and 1-877 numbers only.  You don’t have to worry about having any long distance calls on your phone.  Price $6.00/Mo.

PIN# - Allows only those that have a special code to dial long distance.  If the person does not have the code they will not be able to make a long distance calls. Price $7.75/Mo.

COMPLETE TOLL BLOCK – You will not be able to dial any long distance that includes 0 or 1-800 #’s, local service only.  You do not need to worry about long distance. Price $3.00/Mo.

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*  2 Features $3.95/Mo., 3 Features $5.50/Mo., 4 Features $6.60/Mo.





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